Little hands


One of the first craft projects I did with my children were things revolving around their handprints. Finger paint and toddlers just seemed like a fun way to spend the afternoon. I learned the hard way that just stripping them down to diapers was the easiest way to go. Those little hands are quite amazing! There’s nothing sweeter than a newborn wrapping it’s hand around your finger. They seemingly transform overnight from those chubby-slobber-covered-hands into dirty, grimy-just-dug-a-hole-in-the-flower-bed hands. Whatever the stage, I decided some time ago to capture those things in paint! They think it’s great fun, and I get a keepsake from this sweet time in their lives.

I found the canvases at Walmart–a 3 pack for $5 or so. You can’t beat that! Good ol’ construction paper or cardstock works great too. Just ask our refrigerator!

So get out your paint, roll up your sleeves, and make some memories!

Here are a few projects we’ve done over the last few months…


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