Cabin Fever: The Quest for Spring

Cabin Fever:  The Quest for Spring

I know it’s only mid-February, but, man, I’m really, REALLY ready for Spring.  It would be one thing if we were having a cold, brisk, Winter-Wonderland-of-a-season, but in keeping with good ol’ Louisiana tradition, its rainy, gloomy, and altogether miserable.  Everything’s brown and blah outside–the grass, the trees– makes us all want to hibernate.  Maybe those bears know best, huh?  Oh, and I just remembered that the ducks fly south to escape winter too.  Smart birds.

My husband jokes that my emotions are closely tied to the weather.  I think he’s partly right.  After a week of rain, I desperately need some sunshine to function!  There’s nothing like an early morning jog, an afternoon digging in the garden, or spending twilight outside with the kids chasing bubbles around the backyard to get you energized.  (Besides the fact that when I can’t escape outside, I’ll end up doing housework–no thank you!)  Even the rays of sun that filter through the windows change the mood.

The kids feel the same way.  I think, with the exeption of a few super hero cartoons and the occasional movie or two, they’d be perfectly happy imagining and blazing their own trails in the fresh air.  Rubber boots are stacked next to the back door, (Well, I stacked them neatly, after they just kicked them off and sent them flying–which is apparently really hilarious trick, by the way) for romping in the woods. Did you know that rubber boots are pointless if you just plunge face-first into a puddle?  Buckets aren’t far either for collecting treasures and watering flowers, and oftentimes–each other.    Lately, with all the rain, I’ve noticed boredom setting in.   The bikes are gathering dust in the garage, sidewalk chalk has been neglected, and our often-used patio table, with it’s water-logged canvas umbrella is downright depressing.  It gets old!

So, I’m on a quest to bring Spring inside!

The first thing that came to mind was to start planting.  Celery and green onions are the perfect indoor project.  And we use them alot in our winter favorite, here in Cajun Country–GUMBO!  We chopped the greens off, and left the white roots of both. Then simply put them in some water.  and Voila! After a week on the windowsill, they sprouted!  The celery grew about 2 inches, and the onions about 4 inches.  It’s amazing how easily and quickly they renew themselves.  I may never buy these two items again!  I have another celery cutting in the garden that’s 6-8 inches tall already.  Cool.

The kids love to check the veggies’ progress each day.  I plan to transplant them into the garden once my long-awaited Spring arrives.


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