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Watermelon Party for my Watermelon lovin’ girl…


While it would make perfect sense, I didn’t want a Disney Princess party for our little Princess’ 3 rd birthday. She doesn’t even know that section of the party supply store exists. If she did, I’d never hear the end of it. “I just LOVE Wapunzel, Momma! Seepin’ Boody! Air-wee-ul! I want a PWINCESS Party!”

Not that there’s anything wrong with it–she runs around the house in dress-up clothes and heels, multiple times and combinations of accessories a day, mind you–but, selfishly, I had my own plan, and if you know my Princess, you know it’s hard to change her mind when it’s made up. Instead, I opted to sneakily convince her that my plan was her plan…and it worked!

Nothing celebrates summertime like watermelon. I grew up eating it with my Daddy, perched on the armrest of his La-Z-Boy, one yummy bite at at time. That’s when my plan came together.

All it took was to show her a picture of a watermelon cake. After that, she was telling everyone she knew that we were having a Watermelon Party. It seemed like a fitting beginning-of-the-summer party idea.

I love DIY decorating and repurposing everyday things for pennies, so that certainly played a big part in the preparations! I had a hard time finding ideas on Watermelon stuff, so I had to get creative.

Here are a few of my moments of inspiration. Hope you can use them to enjoy SUMMERTIME!

Watermelon Door Decor:

I simply:

  • Spray painted a paper grocery bag red.
  • Cut it out in a Watermelon shape–front and back pieces– with pinking shears.
  • Sponge painted the green and white around the edges.
  • Sewed the two pieces together.
  • Stuffed them with plastic shopping bags that had accumulated,
  • Punched holes to hang from
  • Reinforced the holes with clear tape.
  • Made a hanger with wire.
  • Glued some black buttons on for seeds.
  • Tied a bow for extra flair.

Whew! Done!

Watermelon Garland:

We spent an afternoon while recuperating from Strep throat making these little guys. Paper plates are so stinkin’ cheap. I spent maybe $3 on this whole project, and I had many strands throughout the house! Now, they’re all hanging in the birthday girl’s room…a multi-functional project!


  • Sponge paint accordingly.
  • Cut the plates in half
  • Draw on seeds with a marker.
  • Glue to a string or ribbon to hang.


Tissue Paper Flowers:

Ever since I saw this tutorial, I wanted to try it. How easy! With a $2.99 pack of tissue paper (remember your 40% Hobby Lobby coupon for even more savings), I had enough supplies to make a dozen flowers–not that I did, I just needed 5 or so. They turned out almost as pretty as the oringinal.

Hint: These are spray-painted. More versatile that way.

They’re are also in her room, above her bed now. Let’s see how long it takes for her brother to attack them with a light saber…


I know I had a great time getting ready to celebrate my sweet girl’s big day, and I hope that one day she’ll recall the summer afternoon she spent at her Watermelon Party.